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"We keep secure document shredding simple"

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On-site Document Shredding

Simple Shred LLC is a reliable on-site mobile shredding service for your confidential or unwanted paper documents. Our truck shreds your documents into a small partical to secure the discarded information or other records.


We service weekly,monthly, bi-monthly, or a one time-visit to your home or workplace.

Arangements can be made to remove your empty boxes.


We also offer Purge Services and  after 5pm shredding for home owners.

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We assure you that the shredded documents are 100% recycled into useful paper products or other goods.


We, at Simple Shred LLC offer e-waste, consumable, and recycling services for the environmental concerns of your business.  


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At Simple Shred LLC, we always issue a document of destruction (certification of documents being destroyed) to our customers.

Shredding Services Offered

• Scheduled Shredding Service

• Records Destruction

• Off-Site Shredding

• Large Volume Shredding

• Residential Shredding

• Technology Device Destruction

• Paper Shredding

• File Destruction

• Medical Record Shredding

• Records Destruction

• Document Destruction

• One-Time Purge Shredding

Paper Shredding

To safeguard sensitive information on papers or documents getting into the wrong hands, we  shred the files and leave no trace. We shred  paper into more than just strips so it can be untraceable.


Hard Drive Destroying

For devices or appliances that you don’t want anyone to restore or retrieve by untrustworthy individual or even syndicates. Our services can be appropriate for programmers, doctors, lawyers, and financial business to protect an individual or client's confidential information.

Totally destroyed.

Shredding Information

• Recycling and more